Plastic Waste to Be Converted to Diesel in Surat!

The Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) has commissioned a plastic management plant at Bhatar in Surat that would convert the plastic waste into diesel. The plant that’s spread over two acres of land utilizes 20 tons of plastic waste every day. This plastic waste is collected from the different parts of the city to make plastic globules. However, this capacity would be enhanced to 100 tons per day.

The project, which is based on PPP (Public Private Partnership) model on a 20-year term to convert plastic waste generated into crude oil and pellets uses the state-of-the-art pyrolysis technology. The crude oil, which is produced using the pyrolysis technology decomposes organic matter at elevated temperature could be used as a fuel for domestic and industrial purposes.

If the facility goes as planned, it could help generate fuel supply for small-scale machinery and generators.

With oil reserves expected to go kaput in the near future, companies and local bodies are looking at alternative solutions that are sustainable. If this project becomes successful, Gujarat will be the first state in India to turn plastic waste into crude oil.