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Cancellation Policy

Non-allocation, withdrawal, non-participation.

  1. In case the organizers with reasons of their own reject an application and do not allot any space to an Applicant, advance paid by the applicant will be refunded, without interest.
  2. The exhibitor who wishes to decrease the size of the stall will have to :

    • a. Complete the cancellation process.
    • b. Book the desired stall again (subject to availability).
  3. Without prejudice to the rights and remedies of the organizers, in respect of any breach of the Contract on the part of the Exhibitor may withdraw from the Exhibition, subject to the following conditions.

    • a. The Exhibitor must give written notice to the Organizers that he desires to withdraw
    • b. Once the Organizers receive the notice for withdrawal from the Exhibitor, withdrawal will be subject to the following charges,

CANCELLATION POLICY as per the following scheduled:

On or Before 31st January, 2022 10% of Total Stall Cost
On or Before 31st May, 2022 25% of Total Stall Cost
On or Before 31st October, 2022 50% of Total Stall Cost
On or Before 30th April, 2023 75% of Total Stall Cost
On or Before 31st October, 2023 90% of Total Stall Cost
On or After 1st November, 2023 100% of Total Stall Cost

After 1st November, 2023, the agreement to the exhibition is irrevocable by the exhibitor. NO refund will be made by the organizers in the event of their withdrawal or their inability to participate in the Exhibition. The date of written communication received by Plastivision India 2023 Secretariat conveying withdrawal from Exhibition for Participation will be considered as the effective date for determining the Withdrawal charges.